• Office
    Our office and production facilities in Tubbergen
  • Machine
    A small part of our second laser machine, the burning of the boxes
  • Production
    Part of our production/finishing department
  • Heerenkamer
    In our special room (in Dutch called "Heerenkamer") we can offer our clients the products we are selling. Comfort at best.
  • Machine
    Our second laser machine, built in 2009

The company emerged from the Washington Cigar Factory in 1927 in Baarn. In the 1960’s this factory moved to Hippolytushoef, a tiny village in North of The Netherlands. The production consisted of powdered cigars only. Due to sharply declining demand for these cigars the choice was made to become a trading company.

In 1990 the company was sold to Boudewijn van Gent, who had been working for TSH for 4 years. He renamed it the Tobacco Service Holland and new brands were developed, such as Victor Hugo and Connoisseurs Choice.

In the following years TSH developed into a cigar supplier offering a wide and varied assortment. Also the range was expanded to include private label cigars such as "Graaf Tilly" as well as specialty cigars including Adipati Braziellijn from Indonesia and Brazil’s Brassilora. In 2002, Swedish Match took over the brands Cadena and the Eight Beauties (Acht Zaligheden) from Imperial Tobacco. TSH was acquired by Swedish Match in 2004 and became part of one of the largest cigar producers in the world. Swedish Match brought the distribution of these brands under TSH, making it the largest supplier of private label cigars in Netherlands. This supplied TSH with the means to develop further.

In order to better service customers, TSH move to Tubbergen, in the east of the country. In 2006 THS started the construction of a new building which was officially opened in January 2007.

After the merger of the activities of Swedish Match and Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2010, Tobacco Service Holland B.V. changed its name to Scandinavian Tobacco Group Tobacco Service B.V.

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Our website was in desperate need of refurbishment. More suitable for modern-day use and presentable on iPhones, iPads, Smartphones and Tablets.

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