• Office
    Our office and production facilities in Tubbergen
  • Machine
    A small part of our second laser machine, the burning of the boxes
  • Production
    Part of our production/finishing department
  • Heerenkamer
    In our special room (in Dutch called "Heerenkamer") we can offer our clients the products we are selling. Comfort at best.
  • Machine
    Our second laser machine, built in 2009

In recent years, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group Tobacco Service (TS STG) has developed into the main supplier of cigars with private labels in the Netherlands. They have also developed new brands such as Connoisseurs Choice and Victor Hugo. STG Tobacco Service has developed over the years as a cigar vendor with a wide assortment, offering retail tobacco customers distinguished optimal service.

Tom BoddeThe Tobacco Service in the city of Tubbergen, the Netherlands plays the central logistics role for all handmade cigars within the Scandinavian Tobacco Group. They also place the finishing touches on all handmade cigars. Distribution goes to more than 60 countries in the world.

STG Tobacco Service has developed a laser machines for the printing on the cigar boxes. The first version was made in 2006, followed by a new and improved version in 2009 which is still used today. The laser ensures that images and text are perfectly burned into the wood with consistent quality allowing optimum flexibility. Two laser machines are used, allowing orders to be swiftly processed within a few days. Press here for video presentation lasermachine.

STG Tobacco Service employs approximately 40 persons and has evolved into a "specialist for the specialists" cigar distributor with representation in all segments of the tobacco market. Both private label and premium label cigars can be delivered by the STG Tobacco Service.

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Our "Kenners Keus" sigar-line has made significant changes recently. Ask your Salesmanager or contact one of our Sales Service employees.

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Our website was in desperate need of refurbishment. More suitable for modern-day use and presentable on iPhones, iPads, Smartphones and Tablets.

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Scandinavian Tobacco Group is the largest manufacturer of cigars in the world.

The world’s largest in pipe tobacco and a strong regional player in fine-cut tobacco in Scandinavia and in USA.

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